The Asylum Floor is dedicated to publishing honest, inspired writing. Writing that isn't afraid to punch, laugh, scream, or weep. Writing that doesn't follow literary trends or compromise itself for quick success. It started as an annual print publication. There were four issues published that are still available from online bookstores. All were well received, and worth checking out. I have decided to turn it into a blog zine and see how it goes. Submissions are open. If you are considering submitting please read what I publish on the site or get a print issue. You can easily see what my preferences are that way. Send up to five unpublished (online) poems to theasylumfloor at gmail dot com. Please use 12 point Times New Roman font with a good spellcheck in a Microsoft Word file. If you don't have Microsoft Word just paste the poems in the body of the email. Make sure to include a bio with your poems. Thanks for checking out The Asylum Floor. And good luck with your reading or writing journey. 

Brenton Booth--Editor

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Four Poems by J.J Campbell

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